Addiction Intervention Pennsylvania

Addiction Intervention Pennsylvania

It is so challenging to see a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. It is even harder if they are in denial about their problems. Let the team at Addiction Treatment Group help you and your family stage an intervention. We are experts in addiction intervention in Pennsylvania.

Why are interventions a surprise to the addict?

If a family is at the point they are staging an intervention; they are at a critical point. It isn’t likely that this is the family’s first attempt at getting the addict to admit they need help. One can assume that family members have made multiple attempts to get the addict to admit they have a problem and to go to rehab. Addicts do not recognize the pain they cause their families. Sometimes the drugs cause them not to care either.

A surprise intervention works best for addicts, so they do not have time to change their minds. If the addict is aware before the event, there is the possibility they will skip the event. If an addict is in deep denial about their problems, they will not come to an event where the objective is to make them talk about an issue they don’t acknowledge. A surprise event helps ensure the addict will show up.

What to say during an intervention

The key to successfully getting your point across during an intervention is to write down what you want to say. This way, you have time to practice before the intervention begins. This also gives you time to revise your letter if needed. When writing your letter, make sure it focuses on you and how the addict’s behavior makes you feel. Use “I” statements in your letter, not “you” statements. With that in mind, these are some useful tips for writing a successful intervention letter.

  • Start with something positive, so the addict feels less defensive.
  • Show specific examples of their substance abuse and how these specifics impacted you negatively.
  • Speak about how you know addiction is a disease that needs professional help.
  • Close by reiterating your love and your plea for them to accept help.

Intervention letters should always focus on love and specific ways the addict’s behavior affected you. Accusatory statements are not helpful and have no place in these letters. Professional services for addiction intervention in Pennsylvania can help families with these letters.

Success rates for interventions

Very little data exists on the success rate of interventions. Interviews with addicts in treatment centers point to these meetings having a high success rate. An intervention is a last-ditch effort.

As a point of reference, intervention does not impact the success of a treatment program. The addicts might fail or leave the rehab mid-process. But interventions show success at getting them in a program.

Risk of an intervention

There is little to no risk from an intervention. These situations do not harm the addict in any way. The only risk is if the addict lashes out at the family members in some way.

Don’t attempt your own intervention. Trust the professionals at Addiction Treatment Group help you run your addiction intervention in Pennsylvania.

Addiction Intervention Pennsylvania
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