Addiction Interventionists Philadelphia

Addiction Interventionists Philadelphia

When a family reaches the point they are calling for an intervention, that means the situation for their loved one is quite grave. When that time comes, trust the professionals at Addiction Treatment Group. We are a team of top-ranked addiction interventionists in Philadelphia. Contact us today to see how we can help your family.

The role of an interventionist

An interventionist wears many hats. Most people think their only job is to get an addict to agree to rehab. While this is the ultimate goal, it isn’t the only thing they. An interventionist prepares the family for the process and develops a plan in case the addict agrees to rehab during the meeting.

An interventionist prepares the family for the process. They work with the family on their intervention letters and help family members understand the process. The interventionist also works with the family on setting boundaries with the addict and ceasing any enabling behaviors.

What an intervention looks like

An intervention is a conversation that happens with the addict and the intervention group. The intervention group can be anyone close to the addict, such as a spouse, children, siblings, etc. The group works with the interventionist on choosing a time and place for the conversation.

During the conversation, each member of the group reads a letter to the addict, telling them how their addiction has made them feel, and the impact their disease has had on them. The tone of the letter is not accusatory towards the addict. The hope is that once the addict hears how their behavior impacts those they love, they will seek help.

What happens after an intervention?

If an invention goes well, the addict hears their family and agree immediate treatment is in their best interest. If that happens, the interventionist prepares the addict for immediate treatment to a facility.

If the outcome is not what the group hoped for, then there are additional steps to follow. In their letters, loved ones promised to stop doing things that enabled the addict. The next goal is to hold loved ones to their word on taking these necessary steps.

Handling an intervention that goes badly

It is always a possibility that an addict will not accept what they hear during an intervention. Tempers can flare for all parties. If that happens, our addiction interventionists in Philadelphia have the training to know when to end a session. They also recognize when an intervention has gone too far and will call law enforcement.

When an intervention is not successful or ends poorly, the family must work to hold firm to any boundaries they set in their letters. This means ending any enabling behaviors or cutting off funding for the addict’s habit. While this may not always convince an addict to seek treatment, cutting off these behaviors, help families cope with the turmoil the addict brings to their lives.

While interventions seem easy enough, they are more complicated than they appear. Contact the professional addiction interventionists Philadelphia at Addiction Treatment Group to help your family.

Addiction Interventionists Philadelphia
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