Alcohol Intervention New Jersey

Alcohol Intervention New Jersey

Interventions are a terrific tool when used correctly. They are disastrous when misused, or a family attempts one without a professional. Let Addiction Treatment Group help your family stage an alcohol intervention in New Jersey. We are professionals with several years of experience and training.

Preparing for an intervention

An intervention is more than sitting your loved one down for a conversation about their alcohol problems. For an intervention to be successful, there must be preparation before the event. Here are things you and your interventionist must do before speaking with your loved one.

  • Select the members of the intervention group that will speak to the addict.
  • Prepare the intervention letter you will read to the addict. Practice reading it and make any needed edits.
  • If you can access this information, have your interventionist check the addict’s health insurance to see what parts of rehab their policy covers.
  • Make arrangements for childcare and other things they have responsibility for so they can enter rehab without worrying about those items.

A trained alcohol interventionist in New Jersey can walk you through all these steps and make sure everyone is ready for the meeting when it happens.

What to say during an intervention

Emotions can be high during an intervention. That is why it is crucial to write your thoughts down into a concise letter and practice reading it several times. It is also essential to let the interventionist read your letter before the meeting. Their job is to keep the meeting running as smoothly as it can. If your letter is too negative or accusatory, that will derail the meeting.

Intervention letters focus on tangible items like the addict’s behavior. The person writing the letter is to tell the addict how much they love them and how their behavior affects them. If the person has done something that enabled an addict in any way, the letter informs the addict that those things will no longer happen.

How to handle an intervention that goes poorly

Any intervention can turn badly in certain situations. Family members can lose their cool. The addict can feel ganged up on and go on the defensive. In a situation like this, your interventionist will handle things. They will attempt to get the meeting back under control so the family can finish the conversation. Or they will tell all parties the intervention is over if things are at a point of no return.

It doesn’t happen often, but tempers can flare so much that law enforcement needs to intervene in the situation. Once again, should this happen, your interventionist knows when to involve local authorities.

Is it difficult to get an alcoholic to accept help?

It can be more challenging to get an alcoholic to accept treatment that other addicts. Unlike heroin or other substances, alcohol is legal. Some addicts are in denial that you can have a problem with a legal substance. With a properly staged intervention, it is possible to break through to them about their issues.

Contact Addiction Treatment Group today and let our professionals arrange an alcohol intervention in New Jersey for your loved one.

Alcohol Intervention New Jersey
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