Alcohol Interventionist In Pennsylvania

Alcohol Interventionist In Pennsylvania

Planning an intervention without the assistance of a professional alcohol interventionist in Pennsylvania may or may not lead to the successful results you have in mind. Increase the likelihood that your loved one will agree to treatment for addiction by contacting Addiction Treatment Group for help planning and executing the intervention. We have a long and successful history of helping families of addicts in achieving their goals. Contact us with your list of questions and we’ll be happy to assist you during all phases of your intervention.

Is an Addiction Intervention Beneficial?

The best way to answer this question is to understand that there are many different ways in which an intervention can be performed. DIY interventions with family & friends don’t often go as planned; however, with forethought and professional help, the intervention process can be considered a valuable addition to treatment. Call Addiction Treatment Group day or night for expert advice and assistance in reaching your family member and helping them choose recovery. Click the ‘Resources’ link on our website for more information.

Who Should Take Part in an Intervention?

Any person who is negatively affected by the behavior of the addict should attend and plan to speak their mind, even if it’s just to call attention to how the addict’s actions make them feel. Family members should prepare to be open and honest in how their loved one’s addiction is impacting their lives. Our team from Addiction Treatment Group can provide assistance in all phases of your intervention. As a professional alcohol interventionist in Pennsylvania, founder Jim Reidy has helped many families throughout the state find new hope that addiction can be successfully treated. It starts with an intervention.

Why an Intervention?

Addiction to alcohol is not as clear or straightforward as an addiction to drugs because alcohol is considered socially acceptable. Even someone who drinks to the point of becoming drunk is often thought of as someone who was just out having a good time. What’s more difficult to see are behind-the-scenes episodes that carry over day after day and affect life on a daily basis. An alcoholic may think they are fooling others when they are only fooling themselves. An intervention makes it clear that behaviors are unacceptable and are hurtful to family and friends.

Contact Addiction Treatment Group

Healing begins today when you reach out to a professional alcohol interventionist in Pennsylvania from our agency. There’s more to an intervention than simply getting your loved one to agree to enter a rehab; your family will also need instruction on how to stop supportive behaviors and actions that may have kept the addict from seeking treatment. We’ll work closely with you for a successful outcome that includes long-term recovery from addiction and a healthier family structure. Call our hotline after hours for emergency help or during regular business hours if you want more information about planning an intervention. Continue exploring our website to learn more about us and how we can help.

Alcohol Interventionist In Pennsylvania
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