Drug Intervention Maryland

Drug Intervention Maryland

Addiction Treatment Group offers services of drug intervention in Maryland. We have specialists who deal with drug addiction and intervention daily as a passion or a career choice. We have trained and skilled individuals who are social workers, psychiatrists, drug abuse counselors, and psychologists.

What is involved in an intervention?

The intervention relies on a team of friends and family, professional interventionists, counselors, therapists, and sponsors. You should plan an intervention before letting your loved one know that you want them to find help for their drug abuse problem.

Decide the location, attendees, time, and date beforehand so you are prepared enough for the addict to understand that you are serious. If you hold an intervention in a place where the addict does not feel safe, and if you blame them for their abuse problem, then you have failed before starting the intervention.

Signs of drug abuse

You are positive that your loved one is not a violent person, but they have become intolerant towards everyone. They are more prone to violent outbursts if they are looking for a fix and can’t find it. Mental illness, along with drug use, will also make your loved one highly irrational, and they will lash out verbally or physically.

Ask for professional help immediately if your loved one has dangerous suicidal tendencies and has had suicide attempts before as well. For drug addiction in Maryland, we will help your loved one by dealing with them safely and effectively.

A positive response from the addict

Listen to what they are saying, but don’t agree with them just yet. You have been waiting for a long time for them to listen and respond to your efforts at intervention. Now they are listening to you, and you don’t know what to do, so just listen to them. The conversation must flow both ways; otherwise, the intervention will fail miserably.

For a successful intervention, we recommend not to agree with them but to push your ideas gently so they will listen. They are listening to you, talking to you, and this is more than you have accomplished before, so don’t be hasty from this point onwards.

Confronting a drug addict

They will try to convince you that you are wrong about them wasting away their lives. They will try everything to achieve their goal of not stopping. Don’t let them coerce you into believing that you are making a mistake by asking them to quit. The mind of an addict is the smartest point a human brain can reach because they will be very creative to get their next fix. 

We are here at Addiction Treatment Group to provide support for families dealing with addiction. We know that it’s not easy to help someone with a drug abuse problem who isn’t willing to admit to their substance abuse. So, we offer services of professional interventionists, counselors, therapists, and sponsors to help you with your drug intervention in Maryland.

Drug Intervention Maryland
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