Interventionist In Pennsylvania

Interventionist In Pennsylvania

After learning about interventions, you want to conduct one with your loved one. While interventions are terrific tools, they are not something an untrained person should do. Contact Addiction Treatment Group. We will make all the preparations for the session with your loved one. We are the best choice for an interventionist in Pennsylvania.

Determining the intervention group

A person’s addiction does not just impact them; it hurts their loved ones as well. When an intervention occurs, the group that talks to the addict should be people that have felt the most significant impact from the addict’s behavior. This group can include spouses, siblings, parents, children, close friends, etc. A professional interventionist will pick the right amount of people who have the best chance to make an impact on the addict.

Once the interventionist chooses the group, they work with the group on their intervention letters. During the procedure, each member of the group reads letters to the addict about how their behavior impacted them. Before the actual intervention, the letters undergo review to ensure they strike the right tone. The group member also practices reading the letter beforehand, so they are ready during the meeting.

Resources for the family

As mentioned prior, the behavior of an addict does not only affect them. It affects their family as well. Even if the addict accepts the offer of help, and goes to rehab, the family still needs help to heal as well. A professional interventionist in Pennsylvania will know what resources the family needs.

Addicts have groups they can join to help them sustain their recoveries like NA and AA. There are groups similar to those that exist for their families. Your interventionist can direct family members to groups and meetings that fit their needs. Your interventionist can also direct you and your family members to counsel and psychiatric services if needed.

What to do after an intervention

With any luck, after you and your group complete your intervention, your loved one will go to rehab. That is the goal. However, you must prepare yourself for the chance that will not happen. Addicts live in denial of their problems. They do not see their drug or alcohol use as an issue. Until they do, they will refuse treatment.

During the lead up to an intervention, a family reflects on the situation with their loved one. Each member must think about any actions of theirs that enable the addict. During the session, they tell the addict that they will no longer enable their behaviors. Should their loved one refuse treatment, family members must stick to what they said during the intervention meeting and refuse to enable the addict.

Are interventions successful?

There isn't enough research on this topic as of yet. Interviews with both addicts and their families show these events work well to get their loved ones into rehab. After that, there isn’t much data. To ensure continued success, a family should work to support the sobriety of their loved ones.

Contact Addiction Treatment Group today to speak with a professional interventionist in Pennsylvania.

Interventionist In Pennsylvania
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