Pennsylvania Interventionist

Pennsylvania Interventionist

Addiction Treatment Group is one of the leading drug/alcohol intervention providers in the country. We are a top-rated Pennsylvania interventionist, and we offer the most rewarding and fruitful intervention sessions.

What is an intervention, and when should I stage one?

An intervention is a structured conversation that takes place between a drug/alcohol addict and his family members or loved ones in the supervision of an intervention specialist. It is a platform for individuals struggling from addiction and his/her loved ones to express their feelings and emotions to each other in a constructive fashion. Interventions show and help addicts understand how their actions affect people around them. The goal is to convince the addict to seek medical help from a rehab center.

If you observe symptoms like secretive behavior, borrowing money, aggressive behavior, and deterioration of physical appearance, it may be time to stage an intervention to help your loved one. Also, if you notice a sudden lack of energy or motivation in them or find them facing problems at work or school, arrange for an intervention at the earliest. Our Pennsylvania interventionist is an expert in directing, supervising, and moderating conversations between individuals struggling with addiction and their loved ones.

Ways in which rehab can help a drug/alcohol addict

Rehab is the best way to help a drug/alcohol addict to overcome their substance dependency problems. A rehab center offers treatments that address the addict’s co-occurring mental disorders along with addiction.

By treating the root cause of addiction, a rehab center significantly reduces a recovering addict’s chances of relapsing. Furthermore, they also equip recovering addicts with essential tools and coping mechanisms to help them manage triggers and stressful situations that lead to substance/alcohol use.

Steps to take if a loved one refuses treatment

It can be challenging to approach an individual struggling with addiction and to establish an open conversation with them. Here are some of the things that you can do to convince your loved ones to attend rehab:

  • Educate yourself - Learn everything about your loved one's addiction and their substance of abuse. This way, you can be more prepared to deal with your loved one's symptoms, signs of overdose, etc. Learning about the condition helps you understand the magnitude of the situation, and it can help you talk about it to an addict.
  • Get them medical help - Schedule a routine check-up with the doctor and make sure to inform the doctor beforehand about your loved one's addiction. This way, they will know what issues to look for and how to manage the excuses of the addict. A doctor may recommend a certain course of action, which the addict may find eye-opening and accept.
  • Cut funding - If you are an instigator in your loved one's addiction situation, stop funding them gradually. You can do this by giving them valid reasons for why you don't have money to offer them. Make your reasons believable to avoid the addict from feeling ganged-up and unloved.

Get in touch with the Addiction Treatment Group today to schedule an intervention. Our Pennsylvania interventionist can help your loved ones express their feelings constructively.

Pennsylvania Interventionist
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