• intervention specialist

    3 Tips for an Alcohol Intervention

    It’s perfectly normal to worry about a loved one who’s struggling with substance use. One common method of helping is to stage an alcohol intervention. Oftentimes, you only get one good chance to have one. Therefore, we offer you these three tips to aid you in holding an alcohol intervention in Doylestown, PA and other areas throughout the country. Plan Ahead A spontaneous intervention is never a successful one. Plan ahead by selecting the invitees, location, date and time. It is also wise to hold a practice run beforehand. Be sure to have multiple treatment options available ahead of time. Speak with the potential treatment facilities to ensure that are…

  • addiction

    Why You Need a Sober Companion

    Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Committing yourself to a treatment center is just the first step. But what happens when you leave? Going back home presents several challenges. Fighting addiction is difficult, and it’s even harder by yourself. Programs only last so long, and eventually, you’ll have to go home. Unfortunately, it’s rather easy to fall back into old habits. That is where a sober companion from Addiction Treatment Group steps in.   What exactly is a sober companion? Sober coaches or companions are a chaperone of sorts. They were once in the same situation you’re currently in. They battled addiction and recovered. Therefore, they are…


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