No More Enabling! Loving Someone but the Wrong Way

Rationalizing, denying, or minimizing their use Remaining silent and walking on eggshells to avoid anger, avoidance, or yelling from the addict Passively waiting, hoping “this week, I think he will see the light” Allowing him to stay in the home and caring for and directing and reminding him of his responsibilities Permitting him to carry […]

Understanding the Disorder

We need to understand as being chronic, compulsive, and driven. To purposely give up what makes the pain go away, the addict believes it’s simply not going to happen. With lifestyle changes comes a new distorted self-image. The altered self-image makes it impossible to consider making it through the day without use. The addict wills […]

Role of Addiction Counselor

Role of Addiction Counselor in the Drug Addiction Treatment

The role of counselors in drug addiction treatment is often misunderstood by the public at large. If you or someone close to you is preparing to enter or have already enrolled in a treatment facility, you should take comfort in knowing that addiction counselors aren’t at all there to intimidate or punish! Understanding their role […]

finding right rehab center

How Tough is it to Find Right Rehab Centers for Substance Abuse ?

Once you’ve made the important step of entering into a addiction treatment center, you’re going to have to actually find one that offers the treatment you need. Not all rehab centers offer the same substance abuse treatment, after all. Unfortunately, even though there are many rehab centers to choose from, finding the right one can […]

Managing Your Feelings Without Substances

Managing Your Feelings Without Substances

Whether you’re planning on attending drug and alcohol treatment or have attended already, learning to manage negative emotions is essential to a successful recovery from alcohol or substance abuse. It’s okay to feel such emotions, in fact, it’s completely normal. To cope with negative feelings, you have to understand them, first, in order to act […]

teen addiction and recovery

How the Addiction and Recovery Process Differs with Teens

Studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveal that 70% of teens have tried alcohol, almost 50% have tried illegal drugs and 20% have misused prescription medication. For some of these teens, this experimentation will lead to addiction. Even more alarming is the fact that many of these teens will not seek help […]

what to do when outside issues Threaten your Sobriety

What to do When Outside Issues Threaten your Sobriety

You’re cruising along in the calm and peaceful sea of sanity and suddenly a gale force wind blows across your bow. Out of nowhere, your peace has been arrested and you find yourself, once again, in the throes of obsession and compulsion. What do you do? There are a number of real-world circumstances that can […]

Addiction Recovery

Overcoming Addiction Stigmas for a Successful Recovery

As you know, addiction is a serious problem that can take a lot of work to overcome. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about addiction and addiction treatment, which has led to a number of stigmas – for example, that addicts simply don’t have the willpower to quit. Stigmas make it more difficult for […]

Support An Addict

How to Support an Addict Who Has Relapsed

Helping a friend or loved one through the process of recovery after going through a drug addiction treatment center from an addiction can be difficult enough – watching as they relapse can be absolutely devastating. It can often make you feel like your efforts to help them were in vain. However, the road to recovery […]