Substance abuse

Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem – especially for teens since they are still growing, which means that substance abuse can negatively impact their mental development. The best way that you can prevent your teen from developing a substance abuse problem is by talking with them – the following are a few tips […]

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Help For Substance Abuse – Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Substance abuse is a problem that unfortunately a great number of people experience at some point in their lives. For many, it is a life-long affliction. Many of the most well-known 12-step treatment programs actually refer to addiction as a disease. Regardless of how you classify the problem, it certainly has the potential to destroy […]

addictive stages of addiction

The Addictive Stages of Addiction – A Journey Downhill

With addiction on the rise, The Addiction Treatment Group works tirelessly treating patients night and day. Drug addiction creates a vicious cycle, which only goes from bad to worse. Addiction Treatment Group has identified three stages of substance addiction. Of course it’s best to identify them early, to curb the problem – nip it in […]

substance abuse treatment

Substance Abuse – A Difficult but Necessary Topic of Discussion

Drug addiction or substance abuse is no doubt a very difficult matter to come to terms with, more so for those who are around the addicted person rather than the person him/herself. Family and friends would rather ignore the topic and brush it under the proverbial rug. However, that can cause immense problems for everyone […]

What is Self-medicating?

Many people who end up suffering from addiction started out looking for something to alleviate the burdens of their psyches. Others started out attempting to treat some kind of physical ailment. But what is self-medicating? To be brief, self-medicating is the act of attempting to relieve a condition by engaging in self-destructive behavior in the […]

5 Signs It Might Be Time For An Intervention

One of the most difficult things about addiction is knowing if and when someone needs help. More often than not, addicts do not get the treatment they need until they hit rock bottom. Usually, that means a ruined personal life, poor health and financial turmoil. Although not every addict will always display a specific set […]

The Correlation between Depression and Drug Addiction

Believe it or not, a lot of people turn to alcohol or drugs as a form of self-medication. Often, they turn to them to alleviate pain or feelings of anxiety or depression. Therefore, when attempting to get a loved one help for alcohol or drug intervention services, it is important to address any other underlying […]

How a Sober Companion can Help You Get Past Addiction

Are you taking initiative and trying to get past your drug or alcohol addiction? Going to a treatment center and committing yourself to bettering your life is step number one. However, it is what happens when you are leaving the treatment center that results in a setback. Heading home after trying to get sober presents […]