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Break the Chains of Addiction

The intervention prepares the family and develops a compassionate but determined plan to speak out loud, in truth, and to present and option for life. As with the lifestyle changes that occur in addiction, there comes a new way of thinking and reasoning. It is all about keeping the pain down and feeling better. The substance becomes his bodyguard against pain and discomfort. Why not feel good? A new norm of living is quickly established with all the old loves, connections, attachments and principles compromised. The hardest thing for a loved one to understand and accept is, "If he really loved me, he would not do this."

Securing Relationships

An intervention can be the first step to restoring your family back to health and happiness.


Connect to Treatment

We have close relationships with the highest quality centers treating drug addiction & mental health.


Long-Term Health

Our goal for every family is to discover a stable healthy future, & provide long-term resources.


The Intervention Process

The Intervention is a process, directed to create change in lives. It represents a courageous step, that you recognize that there is pain and that you can no longer tolerate or accept the distress and fear of losing the one you love. The initiation of an intervention always begins with the formal Team process, directed to address the family's need to heal, to allow them to find their voice, and to lead the addict to the recovery process.

Members of the Team may be a parent(s), partners, sibling, relative, a best friend, sorority sisters/fraternity brothers, a member of the clergy, a family doctor or the person's pediatrician, an attorney, peer employee, supervisor, or any other person who is a stakeholder in offering help. Many believe the goal of the intervention is to move the addict into treatment. This is all great, assuming the addict has reached the point to accept with true willingness, that he is moved by the love and support, and messages of hope from his loved ones.

The goals of the Team Day and Intervention are not only to move the addict into accepting help, but to bring awareness of the process to light, to stop the enabling process, to set boundaries, and to provide guidance and support to the family and Team so they also begin the healing process.




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