Why You Need a Sober Companion

Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Committing yourself to a treatment center is just the first step. But what happens when you leave? Going back home presents several challenges.

Fighting addiction is difficult, and it’s even harder by yourself. Programs only last so long, and eventually, you’ll have to go home. Unfortunately, it’s rather easy to fall back into old habits. That is where a sober companion from Addiction Treatment Group steps in.

What exactly is a sober companion?

Sober coaches or companions are a chaperone of sorts. They were once in the same situation you’re currently in. They battled addiction and recovered. Therefore, they are fully aware of what you’re dealing with and the ensuing challenges.

Motivational Support

Leading a sober life is unfamiliar to an addict. Your companion can help you form healthy habits and start new hobbies to keep your mind off of those dangerous substances. Their support will motivate you both mentally and emotionally.

You can trust your companion. If you’re feeling tempted to do something harmful, you can feel free to tell him or her. Your companion has been there before. Everyone has bad days, especially on the road to recovery. Your sober coach will be there to support you through these trying times, no matter what.

Rehab Transportation

Staying at a treatment facility is critical. If you’re trying to recover, you need to be in a healthy environment. When it’s time to head to the airport and head back home, our sober companions will offer you a safe, clean transition while keeping you motivated throughout the transportation to and from the rehab facility.

Customized Treatment

Sober companions will identify your strengths and weaknesses to devise a plan that best assists their particular patient. Whether you’re in a sober living facility, an outpatient program or your own home, we will provide personalized treatment for your circumstance.

A recovering addict who has an Addiction Treatment Group sober companion by their side is much more likely to achieve recovery and stay sober. If you need a trustworthy companion who is dedicated to helping you stay clean and sober, we strongly encourage you to contact us. Call 267-970-7623 today.

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