Is Addiction a Choice? The True Severity of Substance Use

Drug addiction is the state in which an individual becomes dependent on a drug and cannot control his or her compulsive drug habit. The scary side of drug addiction is that unlike many other kinds of addictions, it can be life-threatening, completely upending millions of lives and families around the world.

Addiction A Choice

Addiction is extremely common with drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, and prescription medication. A person who is addicted to a certain substance will feel that he or she needs that substance to function normally in the world. While initial substance use may be a conscious choice, it’s an all-too-familiar story for someone’s use to turn into abuse and lack of control over their consumption.

Drug addiction treatment specialists understand that the psychological effects of drug addiction manifest themselves in various ways. There are different types of reactions that one may experience after stopping an addiction. Understanding and preparing for these reactions is key to getting over them successfully.

It’s not easy to admit that a loved one has become an addict. But it’s more difficult to watch them suffer from the disease while knowing they need help. As a parent, spouse, sibling, or friend of someone living with addiction, you don’t have to go through this alone. Drug intervention specialists are available to answer your questions and guide you toward the best possible solution for your loved one.

How to Prevent Drug Addiction From Stealing the Best Years of Your Life

The need for drug intervention is becoming increasingly more common in today’s world. Virtually anyone that uses habit-forming substances, sometimes even just one time, is at risk for drug abuse. What makes this more unfortunate is that some think nothing will happen to them, while some do not have any idea of the harrowing effects to which their drug of choice can lead. 

It’s true that drug addiction is a serious issue that affects more people than anyone can imagine, even high-profile individuals that seem to have it all. If you contact a drug intervention specialist, you may be able to save a life and help you or a loved one recover from addiction before it is too late.

Addiction Affects Entire Families

The effects of addiction on families are profound. Addictions destroy homes, families, and communities. Those affected by drug addiction are often unable to recover and are left with physical and emotional issues from the disease. 

The loss of a loved one at any age is tragic, but addiction also takes the lives of countless youths’ and ruins chances at living wholesome and meaningful lives. A substance use habit can destroy the ability to develop healthy relationships with parents, siblings, communities, and other adults.

Help for Yourself or a Loved One

Drug addiction without a doubt dramatically affects the substance user as well as those around them. It destroys homes, families, and careers while leaving millions in the pockets of drug dealers and even some corrupt politicians. Often, survivors of drug abuse are ashamed of their condition and turn to substance abuse as a means to cope with their emotions because they feel that they have nowhere else to turn.

Addiction is a challenging problem with no cookie-cutter solution. Luckily, help for yourself or a loved one for drug addiction is possible. However, this is only true if you take action. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or substance use, call our drug intervention in Vermont team at (888) 972-8513. 

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The struggle against addiction to any substance is never an easy battle, but you can overcome it with the right intervention service tailored to your needs.