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Break the Chains of Addiction

Addiction Treatment is here to help. We are a no cost rehab placement firm. From start to finish, we help you navigate the process of getting into the best drug and alcohol recovery programs. There is never any cost to speak to our counselors. We understand that with all you are going through, it is comforting to have someone on your side who understands. Our experienced staff will guide you through the drug and alcohol addiction treatment process, starting with same or next day Health Insurance Approval, travel arrangements to the drug alcohol treatment facility, and a Sober Escort Companion to assure the patient arrives safely.

Securing Relationships

An intervention can be the first step to restoring your family back to health and happiness.


Connect to Treatment

We have close relationships with the highest quality centers treating drug addiction & mental health.


Long-Term Health

Our goal for every family is to discover a stable healthy future, & provide long-term resources.


Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facilities

We use top notch Health Insurance approved drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities located in the United States, which ensures you or your family member get the best possible care. Having gone through similar personal experiences, our counselors understand what the individual is going through and what facilities are best suited to handle their specific needs. We work closely with several leading alcohol addiction treatment and alcohol recovery programs facilities in California, Florida, Philadelphia, and Texas to offer the most convenience for the family, no matter their location.

Many suffering from drug and alcohol addiction treatment and alcohol recovery programs alcohol addiction face a difficult journey on their way to and from the treatment centers and all too often succumb to their vices. To ensure they do not fall victim to their past habits, we can provide sober companions that are there to give them with the support they need to get through these trying times. Our companions will accompany your loved one at all times, from the front door of your home, throughout the duration of their flight, and to the lobby of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. One of the most trying times for an individual who just completed their alcohol recovery programs is the time they spend traveling home. With the downtime between connecting flights, boredom sets in and old habits can come back. The sober companion will be there to help them cope with this desire and make sure they remain on the right track.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Programs

There is HOPE for rehabilitation. The addicted individual does not have to continue to suffer from the disease of addiction. According to the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System, 70 percent of alcoholics who stay engaged in alcohol addiction treatment for at least one year achieve lifelong sobriety. With drugs, those who stay with their alcohol recovery programs are between 50 to 60 percent likely to maintain their sobriety for the rest of their lives. Those numbers are much better than the statistics for those suffering from similar diseases requiring consistent life-long drug and alcohol addiction treatment and drug alcohol treatment.

Along with helping you find the right drug and alcohol addiction, drug addiction treatment and alcohol recovery programs, we also provide critical intervention services. Our interventionists will help family members and friends address the harm the individual is causing to themselves and others around them. The goal of every intervention is to motivate the individuals to go to substance abuse facilities and get on their way to recovery.




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