Important facts to know when considering Rehab centers for Substance abuse

Substance abuse is a grave problem that ruins families regularly and requires serious rehabilitation. Fortunately, these days there are a lot of rehab centers out there to choose from. But not all rehab centers are the same, which is why it’s important that you do a little research when comparing various addiction treatment centers. The following are a few key questions you should know the answers to before you make a decision.

Is it a long-term or short-term program?

Some addiction treatment centers implement short-term programs, often around a month long. Others consider your treatment a long-term process. Short-term programs may be ineffective for some substance users, especially if no further support is planned after the completion of the program. Regardless of program length, sobriety should be considered as a lifelong change in which care and prevention should be taken.

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Is the program holistic or one-size-fits-all?

You should look for rehab centers that take every aspect of the person’s life into account. For example, a treatment component that should be personalized is counseling. Every individual will have different needs, especially because underlying mental illness is incredibly common for substance users. 

Another important aspect for a rehab participant might be nutrition. Many drug users arrive at rehab sick from malnutrition, and alcohol abuse can result in severe anemia. In these cases, good nutrition is very important for the person to get healthy again, in addition to stopping the substance use.

What is the program’s protocol for handling cravings?

Substance users are going to struggle with their addiction for a time as they deal with cravings for the substance. There are many rehab centers that don’t have a way to deal with such methods other than by providing prescription medication to help suppress cravings chemically. The problem is that they are using another drug to help patients wean off the original drug. Thus, the urge to use may end up becoming stronger than their support.

Look for drug rehab centers that have detoxification programs or nutritional programs that are created specifically to help alleviate cravings. This will give the patient a better chance at focusing on developing sober living skills instead of becoming dependent on another drug to be sober.

Does the program teach sober living skills?

Once a patient is released back into the world, they’re going to deal with real life problems, stresses, and influences that could lead to relapse. A good rehab program teaches patients how to deal with issues without returning to the substance.

Deciding to check into a rehab center is an important first step, but choosing the right rehab center by knowing these things is vital to your chances of recovery.

Contact an intervention specialist who can help

Families often struggle with a loved one’s addiction, especially when the person can’t admit that their use has become out of control. Intervention specialists are those who utilize various techniques including counseling, education, or rehabilitation as an alternative to other treatments that may employ prescription medication. Interventions specialist can also persuade someone to get further help. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s time to consider professional assistance. 

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