No More Enabling! Loving Someone but the Wrong Way

Rationalizing, denying, or minimizing their use Remaining silent and walking on eggshells to avoid anger, avoidance, or yelling from the addict Passively waiting, hoping “this week, I think he will see the light” Allowing him to stay in the home and caring for and directing and reminding him of his responsibilities Permitting him to carry […]

Understanding the Disorder

We need to understand as being chronic, compulsive, and driven. To purposely give up what makes the pain go away, the addict believes it’s simply not going to happen. With lifestyle changes comes a new distorted self-image. The altered self-image makes it impossible to consider making it through the day without use. The addict wills […]

3 Tips for an Alcohol Intervention

It’s perfectly normal to worry about a loved one who’s struggling with substance use. One common method of helping is to stage an alcohol intervention. Oftentimes, you only get one good chance to have one. Therefore, we offer you these three tips to aid you in holding an alcohol intervention in Doylestown, PA and other […]

Why You Need a Sober Companion

Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Committing yourself to a treatment center is just the first step. But what happens when you leave? Going back home presents several challenges. Fighting addiction is difficult, and it’s even harder by yourself. Programs only last so long, and eventually, you’ll have to go home. Unfortunately, […]

relaps prevention

Relapse Prevention: Know the Triggers and Warning Signs

Drug and/or alcohol addiction is a very serious condition that requires a serious commitment to maintain sobriety. Whether you have been in recovery for several weeks or many years, it is vital that you understand the various triggers that may jeopardize your recovery. In addition, you also should know the different relapse warning signs, so […]

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Relationships

Although alcohol abuse has a huge mental and physical impact on the individual, it can have just as big of an effect on the relationships that they have as well. If you are suffering from alcohol abuse, then checking into alcohol treatment centers in Philadelphia or one of our trusted partner facilities, can not only […]

hereditary alcoholism

Hereditary Alcoholism – It Can Be a Family Affair

Alcoholism is a disease that affects different people. Some people have no problem drinking in moderation or even quitting completely after drinking in excess for a period of time. However, others cannot stop as soon as they have their first drink. Additionally, if there’s a history of alcoholism in your family, it means that there […]

Rehab Placement

How Rehabs are Helping Rebuild Confidence in Addicts

Addicts seeking help at rehab centers in Philadelphia and many other US cities we work in, won’t just receive help overcoming their addiction, they’ll also receive help rebuilding their confidence. The self-esteem of many addicts is hurt by their addiction because of the feelings of shame and guilt that they often feel. However, it’s important […]