The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Relationships

Although alcohol abuse has a huge mental and physical impact on the individual, it can have just as big of an effect on the relationships that they have as well. If you are suffering from alcohol abuse, then checking into alcohol treatment centers in Philadelphia or one of our trusted partner facilities, can not only help you to attain sobriety, it can also help to save your relationships.


How Alcohol Abuse Can Affect Relationships

Alcohol abuse can affect the people in your life in a number of different ways. People who drink excessively often become moody, defensive, aggressive and even abusive. This can end up affecting the relationships that they have with their family, friends and coworkers. The following are a few more specific ways in which alcohol abuse can directly impact your relationships:

  • Physical abuse – Alcoholics often become aggressive when they are drunk, which can lead to arguments and fights with their loved ones and friends. This can result in the loss of friends, the loss of your significant other to separation or divorce and to the potential loss of your children if you physically harm them while under the influence of alcohol. Not to mention that you could very well end up in jail, which would obviously put a heavy strain on all of your existing relationships.

  • Embarrassing behavior – People tend to lose good judgement when they are drunk. You don’t have to be physically abusive to strain your relationships. You may say or do things that you may not even remember the next day that could do irreparable damage to your relationships.

  • Estrangement with children – If your children grow up in an environment where you are constantly drunk, are verbally aggressive towards them or are physically aggressive towards them, not only will you hurt the relationship you have with your children as they grow older, but you put them at risk for developing potential substance abuse problems as well.

  • Risky sexual activity – Because alcohol lowers inhibitions, alcoholics are more likely to engage in risky sexual activity. This can result in multiple partners, which can permanently damage your relationship with an existing partner. It also increases the risk of STDs, which can be spread to your existing partner.

These are just a few of the ways in which alcohol can cause severe damage to your relationships. If your alcohol use is affecting your relationships, give us a call. We have the skills and experience to place you or your loved one into the perfect alcohol treatment centers in Philadelphia or any one of our vetted and proven facilities across the country. Call us today.

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