Hereditary Alcoholism – It Can Be a Family Affair

Alcoholism is a disease that affects different people. Some people have no problem drinking in moderation or even quitting completely after drinking in excess for a period of time. However, others cannot stop as soon as they have their first drink. Additionally, if there’s a history of alcoholism in your family, it means that there may be a greater risk that you could develop alcoholism. Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Philadelphia or one of our many US locations can you help identify the characteristics and or root causes, history etc.


A Family History of Alcoholism

Your DNA doesn’t just define your physical characteristics, it can also define your behavioural characteristics. Therefore, alcohol abuse and alcoholism are traits that you can inherit from your genetics. However, it’s important to note that even though you may be at a greater risk of developing alcoholism if your family has a history of alcoholism, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are or will be an alcoholic.

Alcoholic tendencies inherited from your family is only one of two main factors that put you at risk. It’s the environment that you grew up in that has one of the biggest impacts on whether you’re more likely to develop alcoholism or not. If you witnessed members of your family that you were living with as a child, such as your parents, get drunk on a regular basis – or if you were the subject of or witness to physical or psychological violence caused by the consumption of alcohol – then these experiences along with the hereditary tendency towards alcoholism will factor more strongly into the risk of becoming an alcoholic.

Many people with this kind of childhood experience will turn to alcohol in an attempt to numb the pain caused by these memories. Not only do these memories and childhood experiences contribute to alcoholism, but children who grew up in an environment like this tend to have easier access to alcohol at an earlier age, which can contribute to early problems with alcohol.

However, not everyone with a family history of alcoholism grows up in a bad environment. You may have grown up in a very healthy and loving environment and still have a family history of alcoholism. While there’s still a risk that you could develop alcoholism, there are plenty of people who are able to drink in moderation in spite of that.

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