Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility

If you or somebody you know is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, a great course of action is to seek out an addiction treatment facility. Clearly, as with any other professional service category, addiction treatment centers are not all created equal. The last thing you want to do when managing such a sensitive and important issue is to make an uneducated or hasty decision.

One very important area to consider is the subject of your budget. The cost per month for residency at a treatment facility varies significantly between the most expensive and most affordable. You’ll find that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is attainable at even the most inexpensive facilities. The variable that fluctuates most from one facility to the next is comfort and staffing. In upscale rehabilitation centers, addicts are treated to larger rooms, nicer furniture, and an abundance of trained staff members.

Drug-and-Alcohol-AddictionBefore making a final selection regarding any treatment facility, it is critical that you contact your insurance company. Some insurance policies will cover inpatient addiction treatment centers, while others will not. Some will cover costs to an extent but will also require a co-pay. A call to your insurance company will allow you to get a better grip on what exactly any particular facility will cost and what your actual budget is.

When you or a loved one’s life is on the line, money isn’t always the main consideration. One other aspect you ought to pay significant attention to is the length of stay you may require. The standard stay duration for most rehab facilities is 28 days, but many programs offer longer stays. Addiction is a very challenging problem involving mental and physical aspects. For some, more than one month is ideal to allow for a real, lasting recovery.

A final and very important question to ask about any recovery program is whether it is one focused on full recovery or if it takes a harm reduction approach. Harm reduction programs will replace the primary drug to which the patient was addicted with something prescribed that has less disastrous side effects for the user. This is most common in the realm of heroin and prescription pain pill addictions, but the question bears asking regardless of the addiction type. If you are sure to ask good questions and focus clearly on what matters most, you’ll have the best likelihood of achieving a successful recovery.

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