What to do When Outside Issues Threaten your Sobriety


You’re cruising along in the calm and peaceful sea of sanity and suddenly a gale force wind blows across your bow. Out of nowhere, your peace has been arrested and you find yourself, once again, in the throes of obsession and compulsion. What do you do?

There are a number of real-world circumstances that can spring on the recovering addict at any time, posing an immediate threat to the relative sanity of sobriety. Fortunately, there are some rather simple strategies available that, properly employed, can save someone like yourself.

Two incredibly powerful strategies for defending your sobriety in troubled times:

These methods have been advocated and supported by the sober companions Philadelphia residents have come to know, love, and trust.

  • Perspective: All too often, the reason you feel like some event in your life could cause you to go back out and use is because of a feeling. A feeling! Just imagine that something so simple and hard to even detect is perhaps the very most challenging force threatening your sobriety. The good news is that it isn’t, in fact, very hard to regain serenity. Simply remind yourself that you’re struggling with a feeling and use the lesson of acceptance to take control. As addicts, using was the go-to weapon always employed against harsh feelings. Today, acceptance is a new tool available to every addict.
  • Service: When it feels like your life is falling down around you, the often-times difficult to detect component is the fact that all of the focus is on you. When you think your problems are larger than life, they probably are — but that doesn’t have to remain the case. Simply shift the focus from the self-obsession that sprung its roots in your active addiction and put the spotlight on somebody else in need. This can take the form of attending a 12-step meeting and carrying the message to a newcomer or it can entail a volunteering visit to a local soup kitchen or a homeless shelter.

The experienced and engaged sober companions Philadelphia area recovering addicts trust with the security of their sobriety spend their waking moments seeking, developing, and promoting methods like these. For the benefit of struggling addicts, powerful tools exist to help support an inspiring life of sanity.The shelter against the harsh environment of active addiction is available as soon as you employ willingness to try something truly new.

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