Support Systems – The Make it or Break it in Addiction Treatment Recovery

Addiction of any sort can create havoc in one’s life, and it does not just stop there—it creates havoc in the lives of those around the person with the addiction, as well as society as a whole. So what can be done to curb this menace and clean society of addiction? Being supportive. That is the key towards the eradication of substance abuse. Being supportive does not mean to support the addiction, rather to be a strong support system for drug and alcohol addicts center seeking professional help and assist them to overcome this problem. Shunning and/or ignoring it would only prove to be a fatal blow to the person who is addicted, and eventually society. It is imperative that steps be taken towards a more conducive environment, where symptoms of addiction are recognized and help is provided before the situation gets out of control.

Socially Accepted

Addiction-Treatment-RecoverySocial support systems can prove to be a place where addicts know they can come and talk openly, and try towards being a better person in society. It is sad that quite a few people come to treatment missing vital resources for support and have difficulty in sustaining social relationships due to substance abuse. Having a strong social support system in place after alcohol addiction recovery programs can provide these individuals with the love and friendship to achieve abstinence and recovery that lasts.

Stress Buster – Emotional Support

Patients who have recently recovered from any addiction need to be able to cope with stress. If they can’t, there’s chance of relapse which makes recovery quite difficult. It is imperative that the support system helps the patient cope with stress giving a strong boost of emotional support. Increasing social support is instrumental for the road to recovery with fewer chances of relapse.

The Makeup of the Support System

Close ties of family and friends is what makes for a good and strong support system. Personal connections and trusted friends are what a patient needs for recovery. Outside support – in the form of professionals and organizations, even peer and support groups – is something worth seeking and strengthening. The more help given, the better. It is all about acceptance and moving on to a better place together.

Social Support – The Beneficial Side Effects

Social support systems provide a buffer against feeling lonely and isolated – which in turn induces stress. They reduce the severity of psychiatric symptoms by providing patients with an enhanced sense of belonging, purpose, safety, security, and hope. The stronger the support system, the less likely a person is to relapse and the more chances of a lasting success against addiction.

Drug intervention is something that needs to be dealt with firmly. However, the patient needs to be given the utmost care, love, support, and understanding in the first place. The support needs to be nonjudgmental, and acceptance after recovery needs to be universal. Only then can a patient be relieved of the menace that is addiction.

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