5 Signs It Might Be Time For An Intervention


One of the most difficult things about addiction is knowing if and when someone needs help. More often than not, addicts do not get the treatment they need until they hit rock bottom. Usually, that means a ruined personal life, poor health and financial turmoil.

Although not every addict will always display a specific set of symptoms, they all share one fundamental character trait: self-destructive behavior. Here at Addiction Treatment Group, we know how crucial it is to stop this behavior before it systematically ruins the lives of addicts and the people who care about them.

1. Isolation
Addicts will isolate themselves from people in their lives, as well as from the activities they once loved. Usually, they’ll begin to withdraw slowly into themselves or into a group of people who like to drink or use as much as they do.

2. Change in Appearance
We’ve all heard the stories about the star athlete who wasted his potential by using drugs, or the beauty queen who withered away at the hands of opiate addiction rehab. An addict’s appearance slowly degenerates and becomes more and more haggard and disheveled. Though these may sound like stereotypes, they are common in the world of addiction treatment and recovery.

3. Unpredictable Behavior
If you suspect that a friend or loved one is struggling with addiction, you should ask yourself if you’ve noticed a change in that person’s behavior. Do their moods wax and wane? Do some relationships or goals take on a seemingly random, heightened or lowered importance for the individual? Are there noticeable bouts of depression and mania? If so, chances are this person is struggling with drug addiction rehab centers.

4. Irresponsibility
Addicts often don’t think they have a problem. They experience an illusion of control from getting high or drunk. So, they don’t realize that their priorities and responsibilities have all taken a back seat to getting high or drunk. If you think a person is struggling with addiction, think about whether or not they’ve gradually become less reliable. If so, it’s probably time to seek professional help.

5. Deceptive Behavior
No one likes being lied to. It is painful to see a loved one lie when you know they are doing so. Deceptive behavior can be anything from a broken promise to failure to pay back borrowed money to lying about whether or not he or she went to work today. Regardless, this behavior may be symptomatic of a larger problem the individual could have with addiction.

It is important to seek help if you or someone you know is displaying these symptoms. Contact us here at Drug Addiction Treatment Center immediately to discuss a course of action to help yourself or the addict in your life.

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