Christian Approach to Drug Intervention

When we hear the word ‘disease’, most of us initially associate it with a physical malady. There are aspects of addiction that can be traced back to physical predispositions leading to an increased risk for developing a chemical dependency. However, drug and alcohol abuse also entail the breakdown of emotional health and spiritual belief in those who have lost personal control to continual use.

Applying judgment in how we perceive those who are hooked on drugs and alcohol, as well as placing stigmas on their family members, gives illegitimate credence to the notion that addiction is merely a moral failing.

To truly understand the nature of chemical addiction and how it manifests into a disease of the mind,Drug-Intervention body, and spirit, we must be able to let go of what we hold true today. By allowing addiction professionals and personal belief in God or Spirit to help us transcend from negativity into a place of grace, hope and healing will come.

These are the foundations of the 12-step program that serve millions of people around the world who surrendered to a higher power and purpose, while releasing drug and alcohol addiction from their lives, successfully.

There is a fine line between putting the life of your loved one in God’s hands and allowing others to work on His behalf to create opportunities for seeking help and taking responsibility for addictive behaviors.

Everyone in the family can benefit from applying the following principles into everyday life:

  1. Accept the things you cannot change.
  2. Have the courage to change what you can.

The statements above may seem simplistic. But they are effective. Remember them when coerced by loved ones who want to manipulate you into enabling their addiction. Be cautious about your spirituality as addicts often use faith to their advantage, prompting feelings of guilt and shame when it serves them.

We can help you discern when to apply Christian doctrine in drug intervention and throughout the addiction recovery process.

For many individuals who are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, spiritual support is critical during detox and recovery. People with a strong religious faith find that addiction treatment is easier to deal with if they can find spiritual peace.

A number of Christian drug rehab centers offer services that include spiritual guidance as part of the addiction treatment. Drug rehabilitation is a difficult process, and these faith-based recovery centers help Christians apply their religious beliefs to make the path to recovery easier.

Faith-based drug treatment centers have a good success rate because they provide standard addiction treatment protocols in addition to faith-based activities. In order for a Christian approach to drug intervention based on alcohol rehab or substance abuse program to be effective, it should provide evidence-based treatment and spiritual support to match the unique needs of each recovering addict. This comprehensive approach treats the physical elements of substance abuse while also addressing the unconscious emotional elements that could interfere with overcoming addiction.

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