What to Expect After Leaving Rehab

Expect-After-Leaving-RehabAttending one of our rehab centers in Philadelphia, California, Florida or Texas is the best way for a person to overcome addiction. However, a stint in a rehab center won’t cure you of your addiction – you will still have plenty of work to do in order to prevent a relapse. Additionally, it’s going to be much more challenging to live on a day-to-day basis without the support system of a rehab center helping to keep cravings at bay. The following are some of the challenges you can expect to encounter once you leave rehab:

  • Temptation – One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is that of temptation. You won’t just be tempted to abuse whatever drug you were treated for, you’ll be tempted to hang out with some of the old friends that may have participated in drug use with you. Remember that just because you went through treatment does not mean that you’ll be able to withstand such temptation – you should avoid the environment that led to your addiction in the first place.
    Long nights – There’s a good chance that you’re going to go through intense cravings along with bouts of insomnia during the night a few weeks after you’ve left rehab. You may even experience night sweats. Have someone close to you that you can reach out to during this period in order to make it through.

  • Mending broken relationships – You may have ruined a few relationships as an addict. Understand that it may be difficult for some friends and family members to forgive you and that going through treatment doesn’t make everything better. It takes time and effort to win back trust.

  • Taking on responsibilities – You are going to have to take on your old responsibilities once you leave rehab. These responsibilities may have been neglected while you were abusing your drug. By beginning to take on responsibilities you once had, you’ll begin earning back the trust of the people in your life. These responsibilities may include work, school or even taking care of your children if you have any.

Understand that these are some of the challenges that you will face once you leave rehab. Attending one of our rehab centers in Philadelphia or at one of our many facilities around the country, is only the first step. Knowing what to expect will make it a little bit easier to face these challenges and to remain sober once you finish treatment at one of our trusted rehab centers. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you find the perfect rehab center in Philadelphia or any one of our many trusted partners. Our rehab placement service is totally free and it could save your life. You have too much to lose, connect with us today.

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