The Addictive Stages of Addiction – A Journey Downhill

With addiction on the rise, The Addiction Treatment Group works tirelessly treating patients night and day. Drug addiction creates a vicious cycle, which only goes from bad to worse. Addiction Treatment Group has identified three stages of substance addiction. Of course it’s best to identify them early, to curb the problem – nip it in the bud so to speak – so it does not become a full-blown problem.


Fun without the consequence

This is more like an experimental stage, where people use drugs for fun, with almost no consequences to their lives and wellbeing. A couple of drags of weed, a few beers here and there—for most these do not prove to be the start of an addiction. It is just for fun or to reduce stress. Many are able to stop voluntarily after this stage. However, some are on the road towards an addiction, which progressively deteriorates.

In later stages, a person can experience the consequences of their actions, but it is already too late to wean off the substance easily.

Bear the brunt of the consequences – not so fun anymore

Those who get on the bandwagon of substance addiction now start craving the drug. If the “fun” stage is regular, then chances are that the frequency as well as the intensity of the drug use will increase sharply. They are regular users of the drug and are no longer in the “fun without the consequences” stage. The addicted person now shows signs of a strong addiction, by facing several severe social and family consequences.

Driving under the influence, losing one’s job, not doing well in school, irritability, and losing friends and even family are some of the negative consequences an addicted person has to face and bear. The Addiction Treatment Group advises family and friends to encourage drug intervention services to seek rehabilitation. Leaving them does no good and makes matters even worse.

Your life is at risk! No fun here

In the unfortunate event of no treatment up until now, the addiction has progressed into the life-threatening phase. There is an extreme dependence on the drug, and withdrawal symptoms are experienced if the drug is not procured. Drug dependence kills as it is now just not only the substance use, but substance abuse. Whether in the form of liver cirrhosis due to drinking, HIV/AIDS due to using contaminated needles or extreme levels of suicidal depression – all these consequences are deadly.

At each level of addiction, the person can be treated. However, there is a need for vigilance and caution, as the person may not see themselves to be going downhill from the first stage. When identified, there is need for a collaborative effort, on the part of the person themselves as well as a strong network of friends and family. During this time of need, there must be understanding and support. Addiction is a treatable disease, and the Addiction Treatment Group provides a host of treatment services to help cure addicts.

Our sober escorts and companions have the ability to place you at the ideal addiction treatment center, and help you cope with several programs and therapies.
Families can seek help regarding treatment method, according to their needs. It can and must be done in order to survive!

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