Defeating Addictive Urges with Effective Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Anyone that is attempting to beat a substance abuse problem is going to go through some tough times – especially when it comes to not giving into urges and cravings. Many addicts end up relapsing because they are unable to withstand such urges and cravings, but fortunately, you can fight them off with effective addiction treatment.

  • Don’t fear your cravings – As a recovering addict, you’re going to have them. It’s important that you identify your cravings and that you don’t feel fear, shame or guilt about having them. This will help make it easier to withstand the cravings you have.
  • Understand that you have no control over your cravings – You can’t control when cravings occur. Understanding this will help prevent you from feeling defeated when they do occur. However, you can control what you do about them – you are the one in control over how you react to your cravings.
  • Identify your triggers – Figure out what your triggers are, from situations and circumstances to sounds, smells and thoughts. Certain triggers you can avoid – such as for example, going to a bar if you are an alcoholic. Some triggers you may not be able to, like viewing a beer commercial while watching a football game. Knowing what your triggers are can help you better prepare you for the cravings that occur as well as figure out methods for coping with those cravings.
  • Identify substitutes – Come up with various substitutes that you can turn to in order to keep your mind occupied during a craving. For example, lifting weights or going for a run. These types of activities can not only help prevent you from giving in to a craving, but they can help you get through a craving quicker.
  • Exercise regularly – Not only can exercise work as an effective substitute, but it can help you resist cravings more successfully. This is because exercise causes your body to produce natural chemicals that elevate your mood and that reduce depression, stress and anxiety. It will also make you feel good about yourself. Self-confidence is essential to fighting cravings.
  • Medication – If you have severe cravings that you have trouble fighting, then there are medications that can help. A doctor may recommend a certain anti-craving medication as part of your addiction treatment.

If you’re fighting a substance addiction, you are going to have to overcome your cravings using some of these addiction treatment methods. Get in touch with us at the Addition Treatment Group and we’ll help you find the perfect treatment center for your needs. Reach out now, we’re here for you.

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