Intervention Specialists: What Do They Do?

For those seeking addiction treatment in the US, there is no shortage of available programs and treatment centers. While you can consult your healthcare provider for guidance, the appropriate choice likely depends on individual goals and needs. One possible option entails hiring an intervention specialist to help with your concerns.


The Toll of Substance Abuse

According to the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, over 80% of people with addiction do not receive the treatment they need.

Substance abuse is also associated with other serious comorbid conditions such as depression, which can precede the addiction and go undiagnosed. This all too often leads to misuse of drugs or alcohol.

A brain affected by addiction results in the person lacking insight into the seriousness or danger of their problem. When substance abuse becomes more severe, the brain will make the substance its first priority every time.

Some employ an intervention specialist, or interventionist, to help plan and execute a session with the person with addiction and their loved ones. Due to the nature of the work, the intervention can be highly emotionally charged. It is designed to be a wake-up call for the person so they can take the initial steps to move toward recovery and a better life.

Role of an Intervention Specialist

An intervention specialist essentially serves as a coach and mentor during the intervention process. For these individuals, safety for everyone should always be the top priority. This should be the case even if it means waiting for a safer time to hold the session than originally outlined.

There are no standardized education requirements to be an interventionist in the US. Individuals can have anywhere from a high school diploma or certification to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and license. The person may or may not be forthcoming about this information, which can be important to note. Some people value an intervention specialist who also has personal experience with addiction.

An intervention specialist should take on the following tasks:

  • Plan carefully and extensively with the family prior to holding the actual intervention
  • Educate the person with addiction and family members about any medical information related to addiction and its consequences
  • Facilitate the intervention, keeping members on task and assuring that it does not devolve into an argument
  • Guide the substance user and family to speak openly and honestly throughout the process

It is fundamental for the intervention specialist and the family to have a good rapport. Some specialists may also provide assistance after the intervention is over. This is another important factor to discuss to determine if an intervention is right for you and your family.

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