How to Choose the Right Addiction Center [PA edition]

Choosing an addiction treatment program or drug and alcohol recovery center isn’t a decision to consider lightly. If you are someone with a substance use disorder (SUD), congratulations on your breakthrough and taking the next step to recovery and a better, more fulfilling life. Your recovery is of the utmost importance, so it makes sense to have a solid plan of action for your sobriety and to find professionals who can take it from there.

Though you undoubtedly want to find an addiction treatment program quickly, it’s important to explore some options rather than choose the first recovery center you can find. Your needs are unique and your optimal treatment can be different from another person’s. If you live in Pennsylvania, about 500 addiction centers are listed in the state because the need is incredibly high, especially if you reside in the Philadelphia area. Some programs are even free or don’t require insurance. There is probably no need to look up every last facility, but a bit of sound preparation is likely to serve you well.

There are many varieties of drug and alcohol treatment. Options exist including inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, programs aimed at assisting youth and/or individuals with low income, partial hospitalization programs, and residential programs. Following are some important factors to consider.

Treatment Facility Factors

Treatment Facility Factors

  • Level of Care: In an inpatient program, you receive all the care required for detoxing from the substance if necessary. This can be extremely important since withdrawal from certain substances, including alcohol, can be fatal. Recovery rates are higher with inpatient care, but the cost is likely to be higher as well (see below). Partial hospitalization programs are more intensive than outpatient options while still allowing you to live at home. In the case of some intervention programs, the team can even come to your home to “meet you where you are” literally.
  • Location: If you live in a major city, there might be options within a few blocks of your residence. Others choose to go far away from home in order to more successfully start a new life and make a sharp cutoff from people and places associated with drugs and alcohol. This is a personal choice and it’s likely to also affect cost.
  • Cost: This is the first and sometimes only factor that many can take into consideration. Insurance can cover some of the cost burden in many cases, but oftentimes a sizable charge falls to the individual. Some even take out loans in order to attend rehab. Treatments will get more expensive as the program length, level of care (inpatient or outpatient), and even status or trendiness increase.
  • Treatment or therapy models: It’s not just Twelve Step anymore—there is no shortage of treatment and counseling varieties for drug and alcohol addiction. The types are far too exhaustive to list here, but do what you can regarding conducting the necessary informal research. You may encounter a treatment style that seems especially fitting (or especially inappropriate) for your or your loved one’s needs.

It is wise to create a list of some possible programs to contact for more details, then narrow down your list as needed based on the factors above. Despite all the facilities that may be at your disposal, you may not find a program that checks off every last box while simultaneously fitting your budget. This doesn’t mean, however, that your recovery efforts and careful choice will not pay off.

With the hundreds of options available, finding the right drug and alcohol treatment center in PA may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be too daunting a task. While you should focus on choosing wisely, also keep in the forefront of your mind what’s really important: your recovery, your important relationships, and your life ahead.

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