What is Self-medicating?

Many people who end up suffering from addiction started out looking for something to alleviate the burdens of their psyches. Others started out attempting to treat some kind of physical ailment. But what is self-medicating? To be brief, self-medicating is the act of attempting to relieve a condition by engaging in self-destructive behavior in the […]

5 Signs It Might Be Time For An Intervention

One of the most difficult things about addiction is knowing if and when someone needs help. More often than not, addicts do not get the treatment they need until they hit rock bottom. Usually, that means a ruined personal life, poor health and financial turmoil. Although not every addict will always display a specific set […]

The Correlation between Depression and Drug Addiction

Believe it or not, a lot of people turn to alcohol or drugs as a form of self-medication. Often, they turn to them to alleviate pain or feelings of anxiety or depression. Therefore, when attempting to get a loved one help for alcohol or drug intervention services, it is important to address any other underlying […]

How a Sober Companion can Help You Get Past Addiction

Are you taking initiative and trying to get past your drug or alcohol addiction? Going to a treatment center and committing yourself to bettering your life is step number one. However, it is what happens when you are leaving the treatment center that results in a setback. Heading home after trying to get sober presents […]

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A Simple Solution to Seeking Rehab Facilities

As we are dealing with an addiction that is so strong even our best efforts are no€™t enough to overcome, our lives are turned upside down without any realization. We do no€™t want our friends and colleagues to become aware of our situation, so we avoid the stress and embarrassment of specialized facilities and try […]

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The Hope for Recovery in All Addicts

The road to recovery is bumpy. When our addictions get the best of us, there are going to be flat tires and brake failure. While there are many paths to take, it is the path of hope that turns into a positive for all addicts on the road to recovery. You cannot build a recovery […]

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Challenge your Addiction through a Change of Attitude

There are millions of Americans trapped in addiction. We feel broken, as if no one understands what we are going through. We need inspiration, some messages to appear along our journey to give us the courage and motivation to stay on the sober path. The best way to stay on the path is through changing […]