what to do when outside issues Threaten your Sobriety

What to do When Outside Issues Threaten your Sobriety

You’re cruising along in the calm and peaceful sea of sanity and suddenly a gale force wind blows across your bow. Out of nowhere, your peace has been arrested and you find yourself, once again, in the throes of obsession and compulsion. What do you do? There are a number of real-world circumstances that can […]

Addiction Recovery

Overcoming Addiction Stigmas for a Successful Recovery

As you know, addiction is a serious problem that can take a lot of work to overcome. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about addiction and addiction treatment, which has led to a number of stigmas – for example, that addicts simply don’t have the willpower to quit. Stigmas make it more difficult for […]

Treatment Options for Opiate Addiction at Global Detox

If you’ve been using opioid drugs such as Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, OxyContin, Percocet, Lortab, Roxicodone, Fentanyl or others, and you’ve come to a point where you know you can’t go on using, but you can’t seem to stop either, Medication Assisted Treatment may be right for you. Long-term use of anything is going to […]

Support An Addict

How to Support an Addict Who Has Relapsed

Helping a friend or loved one through the process of recovery after going through a drug addiction treatment center from an addiction can be difficult enough – watching as they relapse can be absolutely devastating. It can often make you feel like your efforts to help them were in vain. However, the road to recovery […]

Why You Should Consider Inpatient Rehab for Opiate Addiction

At Global Detox FL, many members of our caring staff have struggled in the same ways you have, so we have no shortage of compassionate shoulders to lean on. Our opiate addiction treatment Delray Beach program is based on the 12-step model for Delray Beach couple detox and focuses upon long-term abstinence. Global Detox FL […]

Substance abuse

Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem – especially for teens since they are still growing, which means that substance abuse can negatively impact their mental development. The best way that you can prevent your teen from developing a substance abuse problem is by talking with them – the following are a few tips […]

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Help For Substance Abuse – Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Substance abuse is a problem that unfortunately a great number of people experience at some point in their lives. For many, it is a life-long affliction. Many of the most well-known 12-step treatment programs actually refer to addiction as a disease. Regardless of how you classify the problem, it certainly has the potential to destroy […]

addictive stages of addiction

The Addictive Stages of Addiction – A Journey Downhill

With addiction on the rise, The Addiction Treatment Group works tirelessly treating patients night and day. Drug addiction creates a vicious cycle, which only goes from bad to worse. Addiction Treatment Group has identified three stages of substance addiction. Of course it’s best to identify them early, to curb the problem – nip it in […]

substance abuse treatment

Substance Abuse – A Difficult but Necessary Topic of Discussion

Drug addiction or substance abuse is no doubt a very difficult matter to come to terms with, more so for those who are around the addicted person rather than the person him/herself. Family and friends would rather ignore the topic and brush it under the proverbial rug. However, that can cause immense problems for everyone […]