Interventionist in Philadelphia

Interview With Philadelphia Interventionist It was 7:00 AM in Aston, PA located in Delaware County on a cold January morning. The night before I participated in an intense  family education process with the Philadelphia interventionist. A group of 15 of us approached the front door of the home. To our surprise it was barricaded from the inside. He […]

Christian Approach to Drug Intervention

When we hear the word ‘disease’, most of us initially associate it with a physical malady. There are aspects of addiction that can be traced back to physical predispositions leading to an increased risk for developing a chemical dependency. However, drug and alcohol abuse also entail the breakdown of emotional health and spiritual belief in […]

Exclusive: Mark Your Calendars Because a New Season of ‘Intervention’ Returns This Summer

Exclusive: Mark Your Calendars Because a New Season of ‘Intervention’ Returns This Summer In need of a new summer show? Look no further. A&E’s Emmy-winning series Intervention returns on Tuesday, August 6, with a brand new season. This time, the episodes will focus specifically on the ever-growing drug epidemic in various cities and neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Watch the exclusive sneak peek above for […]

Stop the Opioid Epidemic in Philadelphia

Stop The Opioid Epidemic In Philadelphia This season, follow the expert interventionist, Jim Reidy and others as they help families and first responders find a way to stop the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia before time runs out. Intervention premieres as a six part event beginning Tuesday, August 6th at 9 PM on A&E.

Professional Intervention Services

If someone close to you is in struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas and it’s causing a strain with close friends and family, the time might be right for professional intervention services. Our dedicated team of interventionists understand how hard it can be to want to […]