Drug Addiction

No More Enabling! Loving Someone but the Wrong Way

  • Rationalizing, denying, or minimizing their use
  • Remaining silent and walking on eggshells to avoid anger, avoidance, or yelling from the addict
  • Passively waiting, hoping “this week, I think he will see the light”
  • Allowing him to stay in the home and caring for and directing and reminding him of his responsibilities
  • Permitting him to carry on relationships, activities with any minor children and to attend their special events or allow him to offer a masked picture of being in control of life
  • Not filing a police report when he commits a crime against you
  • Not calling the police or authorities when he is a clear danger to self or others
  • Allowing him to hold you hostage by stating he may “go kill himself” or disappear so you will never, ever see him again
  • Allowing him to use fear against you
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