Is Addiction a Choice? The True Severity of Substance Use

Drug addiction is the state in which an individual becomes dependent on a drug and cannot control his or her compulsive drug habit. The scary side of drug addiction is that unlike many other kinds of addictions, it can be life-threatening, completely upending millions of lives and families around the world. Addiction is extremely common […]

Are Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab Programs Better For Addiction?

The need for addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers has exploded in recent years. With the number of deaths related to illicit drug use and addiction to alcohol, it’s not surprising that the demand for professional interventionists to help people with these problems continues to be on the rise. The opioid crisis generates more and more […]


OUTLINE Of THE INTERVENTION PROCESS Each intervention is a unique scenario and the interventionist will help to guide you in determining the proper route. However, the proceeding should provide a rough outline of what is going to occur during the intervention itself. We believe in a hope for the best, but plan for the worst […]

CHAPTER 3 : Tough Love

BOTTOM LINES OR “TOUGH LOVE” Tough love can be a scary concept to a family, but once you grasp the true nature, it can be one of the most effective approaches you have in getting your loved one to embrace recovery. Bottom lines are where we draw the final line in the sand with a […]

Chapter 2 : Understanding Enabling

What is enabling? Enabling is the actions someone takes or does not take that allow an addict to continue abusing. These actions are done with the best intentions in mind. Through enabling, we inadvertently strengthen the addiction when the initial intention was to help them to stop. This process usually begins slowly over time and […]

Chapter 1 : Fundamentals Of Addiction

THE GOALS OF ANY INTERVENTION There are many common misconceptions about an intervention and its goals. A common misconception is that an intervention is solely getting them to go to treatment or rehab. Even though one of the goals is to get the loved one into treatment, it is not the only goal. Getting someone […]

No More Enabling! Loving Someone but the Wrong Way

No More Enabling! Loving Someone but the Wrong Way While enabling can be a serious problem for everyone involved with addiction, it is completely possible to break the enabling cycle so the addict can heal in productive, meaningful ways. Darlene Lancer gives the following suggestions to help someone stop enabling: Leave messes as they are Leave the […]

How Rehabs are Helping Rebuild Confidence in Addicts

Addicts seeking help at rehab centers in Philadelphia and many other US cities we work in, won’t just receive help overcoming their addiction, they’ll also receive help rebuilding their confidence. The self-esteem of many addicts is hurt by their addiction because of the feelings of shame and guilt that they often feel. However, it’s important […]

Hereditary Alcoholism – It Can Be a Family Affair

Alcoholism is a disease that affects different people. Some people have no problem drinking in moderation or even quitting completely after drinking in excess for a period of time. However, others cannot stop as soon as they have their first drink. Additionally, if there’s a history of alcoholism in your family, it means that there […]

Opioid Painkillers Make Your Body Its Punching Bag

Opioid Painkillers Opioid painkillers are very potent drugs that are classified as Schedule II Controlled Substances, which means that they have a high risk of being abused. Opioids are typically used for patients who are suffering from moderate to severe pain – either acute, like pain following surgery, or chronic – when other pain medications […]