Are Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab Programs Better For Addiction?

The need for addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers has exploded in recent years. With the number of deaths related to illicit drug use and addiction to alcohol, it’s not surprising that the demand for professional interventionists to help people with these problems continues to be on the rise. The opioid crisis generates more and more […]

Opioid Painkillers Make Your Body Its Punching Bag

Opioid Painkillers Opioid painkillers are very potent drugs that are classified as Schedule II Controlled Substances, which means that they have a high risk of being abused. Opioids are typically used for patients who are suffering from moderate to severe pain – either acute, like pain following surgery, or chronic – when other pain medications […]

5 Ways to Screw Up an Intervention

                      Holding an alcohol intervention in Philadelphia or any US city for a friend or family member that needs it, is an important step in helping them identify that there is a problem. Many people that have problems with alcohol will never know that they […]

3 Tips for an Alcohol Intervention

3 Tips for Planning an Alcohol Intervention   It’s perfectly normal to worry about a loved one who’s struggling with substance use. One common method of helping is to stage an alcohol intervention. Oftentimes, you only get one good chance to have one. Therefore, we offer you these three tips to aid you in holding an alcohol […]

What Exactly are Opioids?

  When you think of foster care, what images come to mind? For many, one of the first images is the stereotypical scene of children being wrenched from a mother’s arms and thrust into a system where they will be shuffled from home to home for the rest of their childhood. In truth, this has […]

What If They Say No During Alcohol or Drug Intervention

Interventions are one of the most crucial components to recovery from addiction. The intervention is an opportunity for the loved ones and friends of a person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to express how the habit has hurt them and show their strong desire to see him or her seek help. Ideally, the presence of a […]

Interventionist in Philadelphia

Interview With Philadelphia Interventionist It was 7:00 AM in Aston, PA located in Delaware County on a cold January morning. The night before I participated in an intense  family education process with the Philadelphia interventionist. A group of 15 of us approached the front door of the home. To our surprise it was barricaded from the inside. He […]

Christian Approach to Drug Intervention

When we hear the word ‘disease’, most of us initially associate it with a physical malady. There are aspects of addiction that can be traced back to physical predispositions leading to an increased risk for developing a chemical dependency. However, drug and alcohol abuse also entail the breakdown of emotional health and spiritual belief in […]

The Step by Step Guide to Staging an Intervention

Step by Step Guide to Staging an Intervention An intervention is an important event, created by family and friends of a person struggling with addiction, to help the person realize they have a problem, they need help, and they have support. While reality television shows have popularized interventions in recent years, these depictions often offer a false sense […]